Digital health

MedTech OEMs have been researching, innovating, and commercializing solutions, for better disease management and improved clinical outcomes. We at Onward Technologies help you build your connected devices and solutions faster, incrementally enhance them and integrate them with an ever evolving ecosystem of patients, caregivers and payers.

Services Offerings


Connected Device R&D

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Device development
  • System verification
  • Connectivity testing

Device Integration

  • Device to cloud/app/portal integration
  • EHR/EMR interface & SDK development
  • IOT platform customization

Data Monitoring & Collaboration

  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile device whitelisting
  • Compatibility testing
  • Test automation

Analysis & Decision Making

  • Web portal and dashboard development
  • Data visualization
  • AI/ML based predictive analytics