Water Tankless Heater

During the winter season in most parts of the USA, it is essential to get hot water without a storage tank, rather provide instant hot water, with minimum space requirements and with optimum utilization of electricity. To provide a solution to this problem our client wanted to introduce a new product where the user can get hot water immediately on opening a tap.

Business Requirements / Challenges

Traditional boiler system is costly and inefficient, because it has to generate heat and maintain temperature 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Customer was looking for a solution of a water heater which will heat water instantly with minimum space requirement.

Our Solution / Services

Our design imperatives at the core of the solution were to ensure easy manufacturability and ease of assembly and installation

Create design concepts considering all the defined constraints.

Design included heating vessels by considering pressure and temperature requirements

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Configured various combinations and numbers of vessels for volume of water consideration

Gauges to monitor water flow rate and pressure and temperature

Space constraint was addressed by effective design of interconnections of vessels

Customer Benefits / Deliverables

Significant power savings up to 20% as compared to traditional boiler based heating system Maintenance cost was reduced by 10%

Enhanced life span of the unit owing to reduced maintenance

Concept 3D models and drawings of parts for manufacturing

Maintenance cost was reduced by 10%