Engineering Servies

Industry Verticals


At Onward, we have the right solutions to cater to the transport industry's dynamic engineering and design needs. Our value added solutions ensure good quality work at affordable costs and reduced delivery time.

Off Highway & Agri Equipment

Onward is geared up to support the Off-Highway segment with design as well as manufacturing solutions support, owing to our large client base in this domain. Our expertise extends to a wide array of Off-Highway vehicles.

Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Onward offers solutions to manufacturers of industrial equipment, to overcome their engineering challenges. Our team is equipped to execute customized engineering solutions for any type of mechanical component or system.

Medical Equipment and Heatlthcare

Onward delivers a range of healthcare solutions, such as application development for the clinical side and digitization of procedures for the management side. Our experts in the healthcare sector help you face the challenges and deliver the best available care.

Banking & Financial Services

Onward has provided banking solutions to some of the top global banking firms, offering round the clock support to critical applications. Over 3000 branches of various banks in India operate our banking software solutions.

e-Governance and Education

Onward has partnered to implement several E-Governance solutions. These include web-based strategies for improving access to high quality information and services to a host of Departments in the State as well as Central government.