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Mastercam delivers CAD/CAM software tools for all types of programming, from the most basic to the extremely complex. Be it 2-axis machining, multi-axis milling and turning, wire EDM, router applications, free-form artistic modelling and cutting, 3D designing and drafting or surface and solid modelling; whatever your machining need, there is a Mastercam product for your budget and application.


NCSIMUL MACHINE is an innovative new generation solution of CNC simulation that truly ushers in the smart factory. Organizations would get end-to-end control of their machining process, benefit from integrating the creation of cutting tool libraries, optimized cutting conditions, simulation and optimized CNC programs and would have the ability to publish the manufacturing data needed for operators in the workshop.

SpaceClaim Engineer

SpaceClaim Engineer is the world’s fastest and most innovative 3D direct modeler. SpaceClaim Engineer brings 3D solid modelling to the desktops of engineers and analysts who work in 3D, with a simplicity and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) never seen before in CAD.