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Cosponsoring Young Talent

Driving potential has always been the central thought of Onward Technologies since its inception. We believe in collaborating with young talent as defines our core motto- “Stronger Together”. India is a developing country which is breeding upon young talent and skill. As an Indian multinational company, it becomes our priority to foster the young generation by giving them a stepping stone to reach out to success with all their might. Indira College of Engineering is one of the most renowned colleges.

In order to give exposure to its students of the racing world and the advancements in the automotive technology, Indira Institute formulated team ALCHEMIST-RACING in the year 2015 and built its first vehicle RAPIDO for formula SAE competition (SUPRA event) and further down the years RAPIDO 1 & RAPIDO V2 for FSI 2016 and SUPRA 2016 Events respectively. Alchemist Racing has grown to become one of the most formidable teams in Pune.

Onward Technologies has decided to co-sponsor this emerging young talent as it believes in shaping the future of every individual for a better tomorrow. Onward Technologies wishes to foster highly motivated and talented individuals with a view, to boost the overall national development of India.

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