Thanks to the digitization of manufacturing, we’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we build products. The converging digital and engineering technologies are creating new opportunities in operational efficiencies, computational workflows, and new design tools that help to create value never imagined before.


Our expertise in ‘traditional’ engineering gives us a great perspective of the future manufacturing arena. Onward teams’ understanding of the physical objects, processes, and systems, coupled with the expertise of our digital analytics teams gives us the unique advantage of helping our partners with services for this exciting future. We have the expertise to work on various OEM standards and software tools like CATIA, Unigraphics, Inventor, Fides, Robcad, Process Simulate, and DELMIA. Along with skilled teams for technologies like laser welding, hemming, spot welding, MIG welding, riveting, and others.

Experience on OEM Standards: VW / Audi-N Tool / VALIDAT, BMW-CARISMA, GM-Toolkit (KBTD), Chrysler - Q-Checker, Ford-FIDES, Jaguar & Land Rover, FCA, Daimler-Supplier Package, Tata Motors, Volvo-Elcher, M&M, AL, Renault-Nissan

Process Planning

  • Assembly Sequence
  • Family Tree
  • MTM Studies
  • Welding Plan
  • Re-usable Data Study
  • System Layout (Planning Stage)

Design & Detail Engineering:

  • Clamping Concept Plans
  • 3D Welding Accessibility Studies
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Fixture Complete Assembly Drawings
  • Unit Assembly Drawings
  • Part Detail Drawings
  • Material Lists
  • Flame-cutting Detail Drawings
  • 3D CNC Math Files (Contour Blocks); Pneumatic Plans

Simulation Engineering

  • Robot Definition
  • Cell Simulation
  • Robotic Reach Studies
  • Cycle Times
  • Weld Gun Clearance Check
  • Robot Payload Analysis
  • Layout Development

System layout–2D

  • General Arrangement
  • Tooling Location
  • Elevation Views
  • Fencing Sheet - limited scope
  • Cable Tray Route - limited scope
  • Controls and Utilities - limited scope

Offline programming

  • Delivered offline programming for FANUC & ABB and capable of handling other robot makes
  • Work with Robot program backups
  • Update simulation as per backup of offline programs from the shop floor

Production support

  • Program Management
  • Robot Teach/OLP Download to the Controller
  • Plant Engineering
  • As-Built Model & Drawing
  • ECN - Process Engineering
  • Process Documentation
  • Site Office - Technical Support (Installation & Commissioning)