Case Study

Embedded: Scale integration for Textile ERP

Client: ATK Mills Theni, TamilNadu, India.

Solution: Embedded System



Theni Guru Krishna Textile Mills is a leading textile industry promoted by the ATK Group based in Southern India. Their production infrastructure is spread across spinning, textile processing and weaving, covering almost full range of the activities of textile industry, from raw cotton to ready to wear garments.



Theni involves a spinning mill process which required manually weighing the raw cotton to packing of garment at all levels using a scale. They were looking for a solution that automatically read the data captured from scale which will reduce their time for manual data entry and manipulation of data.



Onward automated the entire operations of the Spinning Mills with seamless integration at all levels. The data is now captured from the scale at every stage of product and fed into ERP system avoiding manual data entry and manipulation of data.
This is done with an API (Application Programming Interface) that interacts with the scale. The interface does not handshake with the data out port, instead it continuously push data to data output. Two types of connectivity are used; RS232 serial port and USB port provided by Scale manufacturer in this few scales are provided on USB and few scales on RS232. These scales support DRO (Digital Readout). The serial stream is 64 bits long and clocked at 90 KHz frequency. Each 48 bit streams contains two 32 bit words. This output is in binary format and in turn capture scale reading in numerical format which is fed into ERP.



Now with a Single Click Theni Textile can capture data from scale and fed into ERP system. This completely saves the time to enter the data manually and also avoids data errors giving significant benefits to Theni Textile