Case Study

Embedded : Development of Interface for Master Controller

Client: Bard Manufacturing Company OH, USA

Solution: Embedded System



Bard Manufacturing Company is a leading HVAC industry, combines quality products and outstanding service with innovation and technological advances to deliver high-performance heating and cooling products around the world.



On customer requirements Bard has to send their engineers for clustering of units. It’s not easy to monitor HVAC unit as they are installed at complicated area.



Onward introduced remote monitoring of web interface for pCOWeb Card which is a master controller for Bard HVAC units. This interface is capable of controlling multiple HVAC system. This allows installing multiple units in the same premises, so they can maintain the required temperature.
The units are placed as cluster and grouped as zone; all these units are controlled by single controller.
The new interface is with full featured functionality of the web interface provided by CAREL, and facilitates accessibility to selective features.
We identified that pCOWeb card is used to interface the pCO Sistema to networks that use the HVAC protocols based on the Ethernet physical standard, such as BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP and SNMP in which all the data (temp, pressure, run time, alarms, etc) from the controllers is written into master controller. pCOWeb master controller comes up with writable variables based interfacing called BMS variables. Each variable denotes a controllable sub unit in the HVAC system. These parameters are read or write based on the hexadecimal format.

To manage the devices remotely, web based user interface is provided by CGI and PEARL Scripting, coding in micro controller. Within limited memory space we have also used it for alarm, logs, file management and incorporating the retention policy.
The solution is provided to BARD with following web interface and in turn they will be converted into chip level values and get stored in the micro controller.
Home page contain current status of unit(s) and Zone
a. Display each unit status depending on selected zone and unit form drop down menu
b. Temperature set point and sensor values is displayed for selected zone (zone 1, 2 and 3)
c. Humidity sensor values for all 3 zones is mapped and displayed on the webpage
d. System component run status – to display component start requests and run time for last 1 hour.



Now Bard Manufacturers are using user friendly web interface which is capable of controlling multiple HVAC system and remote monitoring which eliminates human presence. For remotely manageable operations, they can serve up (custom screens / GUI) data as a web interface for their end users who configure Master Controller of BARD HVAC units as email alerts