Case Study

Automation : Productivity Improvement with ECU flashing tool

Client: Automotive company UK

Solution: Embedded System



A leading UK automotive company developing a wide variety of instrument clusters for automobiles, motorcycles, construction machines, agricultural machinery and boats



Improve efficiency in the production line while manufacturing hundreds of Instrument Clusters simultaneously. Currently the process flashing the ECUs of these clusters was manual and took significant amount of time.



Onward identified that client’s production line productivity can be improved with automation of ECU flashing. There were many challenges that the flashing tool should address the following needs

  • Multi-threaded application development to enable parallel communication
  • High-end hardware configuration & setup
  • Minimal user interaction for easy operation
  • Alerts & warnings to show failures and issues related to hardware & communication
  • High & Fast data transmission within MOST networks enabled by MOST High protocol (MHP)
  • Error logging, reporting & history tracking for all ECU related files & artefacts
  • Easy up gradation to connectivity media such as CAN/USB/Ethernet

Onward implemented a unique solution that would automate the client’s ECU flashing process and accelerate their production. The ECU flashing tool was built using the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) protocol & MOST High protocol (MHP).

This MOST flash tool is intended for programming of multiple clusters simultaneously thus improving productivity at the production line.



The flashing tool programmed 10 clusters simultaneously and thus increased the productivity by almost 10 times. It’s also cost effective as compared to existing solutions in the market.