Engineering Servies

Case Studies

Scale integration for Textile ERP

Theni involves a spinning mill process which required manually weighing the raw cotton to packing of garment at all levels using a scale. They were looking for a solution that automatically read the data captured from scale which will reduce their time for manual data entry and manipulation of data.

Automation :
Productivity Improvement with ECU flashing tool

Improve efficiency in the production line while manufacturing hundreds of Instrument Clusters simultaneously. Currently the process flashing the ECUs of these clusters was manual and took significant amount of time.

Value Engineering :
Product cost reduction for Beverage Dispenser

The client is looking for a Dispenser that costs less without sacrificing the performance of the existing product. This dispenser is very popular product.

Automation :
Tank Design Calculator

Designing a storage tank in today’s engineering world is a time consuming process filled with many calculations. The tank design must be safe, cost effective and be able to function over the entire desired service life.

Embedded :
Development of Interface for Master Controller

On customer requirements Bard has to send their engineers for clustering of units.
It’s not easy to monitor HVAC unit as they are installed at complicated area.