Automotive and Mobility

The automotive industry is rapidly propelling towards an interconnected and automated future. The new-age innovations at the current juncture of the industry are deeply-rooted in smart, embedded, and data-driven solutions, and they all require a range of expertise and years of skilled experience.

We, at Onward Technologies, have a long history of serving the global automotive OEMs as well as Tier 1 & 2 organizations. We have the right solutions to cater to the automotive industry’s dynamic engineering and design needs. Our value-added solutions ensure good quality work that translates requirements into innovative and quality products at affordable costs and reduced delivery time.


Engineering Services

From coming up with the best possible design solutions to experimenting, testing, and manufacturing the product, Onward is an exceptional expert in engineering solutions for the automotive industry.

Our Expertise (New product development):

Exteriors & BIW

Interiors & Seating

Transmission & Powertrain


Embedded Systems

The use of embedded technologies has risen significantly in the automotive industry in the last couple of years. It helps the product to be energy efficient, fast, responsive, and safe.

Being an engineering service provider, Onward aligns itself as per customer PEP and takes part in the evolution of Automobile from the concept till SOP. It has a team of industrial designers with unparalleled creativity to arrive at best in class designs. And they not just fulfill features and function expectations from the manufacturer’s point of view but also blend futuristic design with end customer taste.

Digital Transformation

Going digital is the next big step for the Automotive industry. Today it’s transforming the traditionally component and hardware-focused industry into a solution and software-driven industry.

With our digital expertise, we help businesses adapt their product to new and dynamic innovations with effective efficiency. Our service covers everything from hardware-focused digital integration to software-driven developments.

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Our Expertise:

System development HW & SW

Tooling, testing, and consulting

ADAS functions

Embedded functions in Chassis (brakes, suspension and steering systems)

Connectivity (HMI, navigation, and connectivity)

Body transformation (exterior and interior lighting, wiper, keyless entry)

E-Power train (EMS, BMS and transmission control)

Development of ECUs, TCUs, BCMs (with various controllers and IDEs)

Electronics and software development (infotainment, HUDs, lighting modules, door modules, seats, HMI, navigation and connectivity, and telematics)

Engine management system (battery management system, E motor controls, DC-DC converter, 12V, 48V, and transmission control unit)

Technology Services

The next-generation of vehicles are driven by Big Data solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Sensors, V2V - V2I systems, and emerging techs like blockchain and Augmented Reality. The combination of all this makes it one of the most exciting and challenging sectors.

Our expertise has working experience of all the emerging technologies transforming the field of IT today. They combine their knowledge with business intelligence to come up with solutions that fit your goals and help clients achieve defining results.

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Our expertise:

Smart Dashboard

Connective Infrastructure


Predictive Technologies