IT Services, applications, databases, and technology infrastructure generate data every second of every day. All that raw, unstructured, or poly-structured data is needed to manage operations successfully. In these complex systems, efficiency can only be delivered by having complete visibility and intelligent control on the information coming out of the transactional systems.

As the analytics market matures, both in terms of increasing interoperability between applications, and the growing number of partners in ecosystems, more and more orchestration and administration are needed. Onward offers a complete suite of services for digital ecosystem management (DEM) solution which is both smart and flexible to make coordinating multi-party, multi-service platforms simple.


Managed Services:

Under a user-friendly Managed Service agreement, Ă’nward can assume broad operational responsibility and accountability for your entire analytics environment. Provide development resources to manage application lifecycle enhancements, and/or support new data management projects:

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Data integration environment (ETL, etc.)

Analytical environment (BI, Teradata applications, etc.)

Management and oversight of day-to-day communications

Development support for application defects and lifecycle management


Certified team experts resources

Best practices to support open-source/complex ecosystem

Tools to support the operation

Standard Services

Pre-defined managed service packages of the entire analytical ecosystem and associated processes, enterprise data warehouse, discovery platform, databases, open-source infrastructure, and/or cloud environment:

Database Administration & Operations

Hadoop Platform Administration

Hadoop Application Operations

Daily Hadoop Performance

Data Integration Operations

Business Intelligence Operations

Business Intelligence Performance

Custom Services

These services are custom-designed based on your organization’s requirements so that we can address your true challenges:

Database Administration

Performance Management




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Agile Application Management

Analytics Operation

Architecture as a Service

DevOps Support

Analytical Ecosystem Support